Why save in gold?

Have you thought about what your future might look like? Clearly, you wish it to be happy and materially secure. Today, the average monthly old-age pension paid in Europe is around X euros. It is, however, difficult to make ends meet with this kind of money, considering the current cost of living. So, if you want to enjoy a stress-free old age, it is important you start saving money as early as possible – around 10% of your monthly salary could be put aside for just this purpose. In 2016, the average net salary in Europe was 1,508 euros: 10% of that is ca 150 euros.


Not all savings plans are equal!

Let’s look at three examples from the past 40 years (1976-2016) where three people earning an average salary behaved very differently with their money. As the average net salary for the past 40 years has been lower than 1,508 euros, we assume the average amount saved per month to be 50 euros.

 Did not save anything, today’s pension is around 350 euros per month.

B: Saved 50 euros a month in the years 1976-2016 and kept it as cash or in their bank account. Today, entering pension age, that person’s savings are 24,000 euros. Now let’s assume that they live for ten years after retiring, this means that the monthly state pension (350 euros) will be supplemented by 200 euros thanks to their savings. That means a monthly income of around 550 euros (350 + 200).

C: Also saved 50 euros a month in the years 1976-2016, but instead bought gold for the same amount every month. Considering the global gold price in those years, that gold is now worth around 78,000 euros. That means around 650 euros per month added to the state pension thanks to their decision. In that case, that person’s income is around 1,000 euros per month (350 + 650).



It’s all down to personal choice! What would you choose?

(Gold, silver, diamonds)




Gold, silver and diamonds offer excellent protection against a rise in the cost of living, i.e. inflation. This is precisely why it is sensible to regularly invest your savings in these mineral resources. The following depicts the price of gold for the past 50 years. See global precious metals spot prices HERE


Start saving smart today!