About the company

SMI Group OÜ i.e. SMI was founded in Estonia in 2014. The company holds official license No. FVV000117 – collecting and wholesale of precious metals and precious stones, issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The license can be found on the website of the Register of Economic Activities.

SMI was founded first and foremost for educational purposes, to provide people with information concerning the need to save and how to save smart, i.e. invest. We recommend investing your savings in 3 physical mineral resources: gold, silver and diamonds. SMI is active in both sales and sellback of those products.

SMI’s mission: to help at least 1% of society make their financial future markedly more secure.

SMI’s vision: to be the world’s most innovative company in the field of smart investment of savings.


SMI is currently active in three countries: Estonia, Latvia and Finland.



Our main co-operation partners are established, globally recognised and trustworthy corporations – IGR as a refiner of precious metals and HRD Antwerp as a certifier of diamonds. Our gold plates have unique serial numbers, our diamonds have certificates and our silver coins have a nominal value guaranteed by their issuing states. SMI guarantees the quality and authenticity of our products.


We follow these core values in all our activities: